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Located in Chicago, IL. Ships all over USA.

Virtual & In-Person Appts Available

Purchase prices subject to change due to fluctuation of gold!


Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers

  • Renting real jewelry just got real easy. Here’s 3 easy steps to get started.
  • Browse: First, you’ll view our collection either in our Chicago store or via virtual showing. You can book any private appointments through our store.
  • Book: You’ll select from our gorgeous, handcrafted collection. To book any rental, you’ll need to provide us: Rental Dates, scanned copy of your ID, signed rental agreement, and a security deposit.
  • Borrow: You can receive your jewelry either via pickup in our Chicago location or via FedEx secure shipping. We make sure only you can sign for your jewelry. Once you receive, you can wear and style for up to 7 days. Upon the conclusion of your rental, you can either ship back (return materials & instructions provided) or arrange for a drop-off back to our Chicago store!
  • You can rent jewelry for up to 7 days. We accommodate up to 30 days upon special request for an additional 25% surcharge.
  • The security deposit is to protect our precious collection. We never want to inadvertently have a customer borrow more than they can reasonably afford.
  • We offer convenient options for the security deposit.
    • Quick pre-authorization on your credit card. Lasts less than 30 minutes, no impact to your credit score, balance, or interest.
    • Venmo/Zelle/Cash/Gold due at pickup. Refundable if all is good within 24 hours of drop-off.
    • Open a gold storage account
  • The authorization hold ensures your credit card has enough funds to borrow your selection.
  • It won't impact your credit score but temporarily affects your available credit for less than 30 minutes.
  • Yes, you can add the Rental Protection Plan for added coverage during your jewelry rental.
  • The Rental Protection plan allows you to limit your liability to 20% of the retail value for any covered losses.
  • The Rental Protection plan fee is a 30% surcharge to your Rental Fee at checkout.
  • If you have not purchased the Rental Protection plan, you will be liable for the full retail value of the jewelry for any losses aside from any transit losses assuming you complied with our Shipping Requirements.
  • If you choose the Rental Protection Plan and undergo a covered loss, you'll only be liable for 20% of the pre-disclosed retail value.
  • Late returns incur a charge of 2x your daily rental rate.
  • If delayed more than seven days, the piece is reported as lost or stolen, and the customer is liable for the full retail value of the jewelry they borrowed.
  • Yes, each piece is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected prior to and after each rental.
  • All jewelry shipments to and from the customer include transit insurance for the pieces.
  • If you love the jewelry, rental fees and shipping costs can be applied as credit towards the final purchase price.
  • Yes, jewelry shipped to and from our store is fully insured while in transit.
  • We charge $20 for one-way shipping and $35 for round trip shipping for all jewelry rentals.
  • We accept most major credit cards along with Apple and Google pay.
  • Venmo and Zelle are accepted with a 3% discount on your order.
  • Please chat or call us to place an order to pay via Venmo/Zelle to avoid the credit card processing fee! Alternatively, select the "Cash on Delivery" option at checkout to obtain a 3% discount.
  • We offer two shipping options—$20 for pick-up at your local FedEx and $30 for residential shipping with signature and ID required.
  • We offer a 30-day store credit for all jewelry purchases. To process a return, please call our store number.
  • Yes, use our live chat or call for customizations before placing an order.
  • Your card is temporarily pre-authorized when you place an order and fully charged when the item ships, within 24 hours.
  • We pay 96% of the raw gold value of the jewelry provided.
  • Upon your melt, you will receive a complimentary assay report from the refiner noting the gold weight provided, gold purity, and gold price used for the calculation.
  • We only pay for the raw gold content.
  • We can extract and provide gemstones separately for an additional charge. The jewelry's condition does not impact the payout.
  • Fill out the form on our website or call us to receive a free appraisal.
  • We'll provide an estimate based on the weight and purity.
  • If you are comfortable with the appraisal amount, we’ll explain the next steps for providing us the gold.
  • You may choose between Venmo, Zelle, or electronic transfer for payment or receive certified gold bullion.
  • We have three tiers starting from $6/month up to $18/month.
  • Yes, gold bars are secured in a 24/7 guarded vault in a secure Chicago location. All vaults and storage locations are UL certified – the highest level of security available.
  • Gold is fully insured for replacement value against loss/theft/natural disaster.
  • Opening a storage account is real easy.
  • You’ll need to provide us some basic information such as name, phone number, email address, and current residence. You’ll also provide us a copy of your ID for security reasons and sign our storage agreement.
  • To sell, we charge 1% based on the current gold price. We can pay you with Electronic Transfer.
  • We can also ship the gold anywhere in the US for a one-way shipping fee. We require you to present ID and signature to pick up your package.
  • Free extension of up to 30 days for rentals. 15% off if you return within 7 days.
  • 10% off making charges for jewelry purchases and custom jewelry.
  • Rent up to your gram weight in gold jewelry – no additional deposit required.
  • Easy, convenient withdrawal and payment options
  • Complimentary full-coverage insurance against physical loss/theft

Inquire about any of our services. We'll respond within 24 hours.