Golden Library Card

What is the Golden Library Card?

The Golden Library Card is an exclusive jewelry membership backed by your secure investment in gold. Turn gold bars into gold jewelry wherever & whenever you want it. Plus, perks.

Golden Library Card

How It Works - A Simple 3-Step Process

Step 1: Own Gold

Invest in Gold

Purchase certified gold bars through our online shop or turn your old gold jewelry into a brand new gold bar.


Step 2: Protect Gold

Secure and Insure Your Treasure

Protect your gold by storing in our licensed, maximum security bank vault. Starting at just $6/month, your gold is fully insured and segregated.

Your gold is secured within one of the most prominent and well-known jewelry logistics and security companies with over 50 years of experience. Gold is insured by Lloyds of London.

Step 3: Use Gold

Adorn Yourself with Exquisite Jewelry

Borrow up to your gram weight in 22k gold jewelry with no deposit required, anytime and anywhere.

View our full rental collection here. Plus, member perks.

You said perks?

Benefit Description
🛡️ Complimentary Insurance Your 24k gold is fully insured against physical loss/theft by Lloyds of London.
🚨 24/7 Maximum Security USA’s most secure bank vaults; your gold is untouchable.
🔓 Unlimited Access New piece of jewelry available to borrow each time. No deposit required, plus discounted rental rates.
💰 Easy Withdrawal Collect your gold anywhere in the US or sell back to us and get paid straight to your bank account.
📆 Extended Rentals Rent jewelry for up to 30 days with no additional charge.
💰 Rental Discounts 15% discount on all rentals if returned within 7 days. 
💎 Additional Discounts Additional 10% discount on labor charges for retail purchases or custom jewelry.

Pricing Plans

Unlock the full potential of your Golden Library Card with our tiered subscription plans. Choose the one that best fits your gold storage needs.

Tier Gold Storage Range (in 24k gold) Monthly Price
Golden Starter 0 - 100 grams $6/month
Golden Enthusiast 101 - 200 grams $12/month
Golden Elite 201 - 300 grams $18/month
Golden Mystery 301 grams + Custom Pricing

The Golden Library Card vs The Status Quo.

A deeper look into why this isn't a luxury, but a necessity

Feature Buying Gold Jewelry The Golden Library Card
Sales Taxes Faces sales taxes ranging from 5% to 12% 📈 Completely tax-free on gold bullion!
Insurance & Storage Costs 2-5% each year 😟 Ultra-affordable storage at just $6/month! Only about 1% yearly!
Trade-In Value Say goodbye to 20-40% of your investment due to labor costs at trade-in 😱 A minuscule 1% charge only! Maximize your gold's value!
Gemstones Risk losing 30-100% of your gemstones' value 😢 No gemstones, no loss! Pure gold all the way!
Refining Charges 4% refining charges 💔 No refining charge for The Golden Library Card. Your gold is perfect as is!

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